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Where Seldom Is Heard a Discouraging Word – Encouragement for Successful and Meaningful Living

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Everyone needs encouragement. Think of the impact of parents encouraging their young child to take her first steps, or their middle school student to learn a difficult algebraic concept.

You can make a lasting impact for good in the lives of those around you.

The greatest help you can give to people in the midst of challenge is to help them see that they can triumph. They usually don’t need instruction, they need encouragement.

If you offer added pressure, or doubt their abilities, we discourage them—sometimes nudging them to decide to give up.

Your encouraging words lift others.

In Where Seldom Is Heard a Discouraging Word – Encouragement for Successful and Meaningful Living, David DeFord inspires you to take control of your own future. You really can live with greater success and higher meaning. Taken from the pages of his popular e-zine, this book will encourage you to aim higher.

• The importance of finding your higher purpose
• Eleven steps to getting what you want
• How to keep yourself motivated
• How you can achieve greatness by following some small principles
• The “Big Five” technique for achieving your most important goals
• How to fight discouragement
• How to attract success
• How to open the doors of opportunity

About the Author
David DeFord has studied personal development all of his adult life. Having discovered Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale as a young man, he has read and put into practice many of the teachings of the greatest motivational teachers of our time.

A frequent and popular speaker, he has honed his talents over the years. His enthusiasm and passion lifts his audiences.

In 2003, David turned a disappointing job loss into a successful entrepreneur venture with Ordinary People Can Win. He publishes the website http://www.ordinarypeoplecanwin.com and its companion electronic newsletter. Besides authoring Ordinary People Can Achieve the Extraordinary—A Practical Guide to Goal Achievement he has also authored a free achievement e-course. He speaks to civic and service organizations as well as corporations and conventions regarding achievement, living with passion and compassion, giving back to the community, and living with integrity.

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