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Aligning Our Performance to Our Goals

by David DeFord

I first noticed three bicycles lying on the concrete path. As I approached, I saw a man and a woman, dressed in cycling jerseys and shorts leaning over a fallen cyclist. They had collided on a blind curve. We helped the woman up and turned to check for damage to her new yellow LeMond racing bike. After unfreezing her brake, the only damage I could see was her bent front wheel. As I spun it, it wobbled some. It was not damaged enough to keep her from riding home, but I recommended she take it to her bike shop and have the wheel trued.

With an untrue front wheel, she will have difficulty steering, and the she will be limited to very low speed. Eventually, an untrue wheel will cause other damage to her expensive new bike.

Sometimes as we evaluate our path toward our dreams and goals we find that our performance is out of alignment. With shaky and wobbly performance, we have trouble steering our way and we slow our speed toward goal attainment.

To straighten it, a bicycle mechanic will mount the bent wheel onto a truing stand. This device has two metal plates through which the spinning wheel passes. When the bent parts of the wheel pass between the plates, they will rub. The mechanic will use a little wrench and adjust the spokes to straighten the wheel. He continues tweaking the spokes until the wheel spins perfectly without rubbing the plates of the truing stand. The rim is now perfectly aligned with the truing stand and can now be remounted on the bicycle.

Once the wheel is restored to alignment, the bicycle will again perform smoothly at top speed.

We can align our performance with our dreams and goals. As we plan the goals that will lead us to our dreams, we break each goal into several objectives. We assign the date each objective must be accomplished in order for us to reach our goal in time. If we have missed an objective’s recorded date, we know our performance is out of alignment. We decide what we must do to tweak our performance in order to align it with our goals.

Any worthwhile goal will require this alignment. No plan works perfectly. We will need to tweak every plan. Rather than change our goal, we change our approach.

Once we have aligned our performance with our goals, we will speed toward our dreams like a rider on a well-tuned bicycle.

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