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Don't Pursue Success-Become It

by David DeFord

This article is the third in the Lessons from Nature series. If you would like to submit your articles or ideas for this series, send them to me at ddeford@ordinarypeoplecanwin.com.

Christi Bender has trained horses for over 30 years. In that time she has earned her share of bumps and bruises. Most of her bruises came when she tried to rush the training or force her will on an animal weighing ten times more than she did.

She learned that when she set aside enough time and concentrated her efforts on teaching a young horse only one thing in that time, she gained greater success and fewer bruises.

Christi has discovered a great truth—true success cannot be forced nor rushed. We must grow into our successes.

Study the lives of lottery winners and you find that nearly every person who became a sudden millionaire through gambling lost it all and more. They lost their families, their fortunes—everything important. Why? Because their shortcuts had attracted millions of dollars but those shortcuts had bypassed the time necessary for the gamblers to grow into their successes.

Marathon runners take no shortcuts in training for the big race. They gradually increase their training distance until they become fully prepared to go the full distance.

Authors rarely hit the bestseller list with their first manuscript. Reaching such heights takes time and effort. Through their practice and years of labor they become authors prepared for their successes.

Want a strong family? Become a strong husband and father or wife and mother.

Want your employer to raise your salary? Become an employee too valuable for your current pay rate.

Improvement takes time. Whether we are training horses or ourselves, we must take no shortcuts. We must become the success we seek.

Don’t pursue success—become it.

Chrisi Bender helps adoptees and birthparents involved in reunion who are lost in the maze of emotion find clarity, peace and acceptance. www.MyReunionCoach.com.

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Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure. Confucius

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It takes time to succeed because success is merely the natural reward of taking time to do anything well. Joseph Ross

The road to success is not to be run upon by seven leagued boots. Step by step, little by little, bit by bit- that is the way to wealth that is the way to wisdom that is the way to glory. Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton

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