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Bully Boy Misses His Mom

by David DeFord

This article is from the Lessons from Nature series. If you would like to submit your articles or ideas for this series, send them to me at ddeford@ordinarypeoplecanwin.com.

This article is based on a submission by subscriber Jean Charles.

In early summer Jean and her husband send their cattle herd to pastures on other farms to let their fields grow and to let the cattle graze on fresh grass. The herd gets divided so that cows ready to be bred go with the breeding bull, those already with young go to another pasture, and young bulls go to other herds.

Each batch of cattle was moved independently. No group knew where the others were taken.

The day after separating the herd, one young bull was reported as having gotten loose. It seems the young displaced bull decided that he was not ready to leave his mother. He was at his new home less than an hour, when be broke through a fence and went out looking for Mom.

Young ‘bully boy’ covered the five mile distance and found Mom in her new home sometime during the night and tried all night to find a way through the fence to stand with his mother. When the gate was opened for him in the morning he ran straight to her.

This little guy had passed several herds of similar cattle during his trip and apparently did not even stop. He located the right place although it was not where he left his Mom nor was it a place he had ever been before. Once he got there he was persistent in trying to get to her.

How did he do it? He knew his goal. He knew what he wanted. The way became clear to him because the goal was so compelling. He was willing to do whatever it took to get to his mother. He trusted his instincts to get him where he wanted to go!

When we apply our focus, our efforts, and our abilities to accomplishing our goals, we can achieve the improbable. If our desire for reaching our goal is strong enough, we can even achieve the seeming impossible.

Jean coaches entrepreneurs, Couplepreneurs, and independent practitioners to design their ideal businesses, create prosperity, and live their just right lives. Her new book is entitled Couplepreneurs: Prosperity Through Partnership (www.couplepreneurs.com) . She can be reached at jean@justrightcoach.com or www.justrightcoach.com.

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When you develop a game plan to get what you want, you will develop a belief that you can get it. Zig Ziglar

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Eric Garner


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