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Ordinary People Can Win! ezine

Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary success in all areas of their lives. A weekly ezine that provides articles and resources to help you in your quest for balanced success.

Our Ordinary People Can Win e-zine, published weekly, and distributed internationally, will provide you with motivation, inspiration, tools and resources you need to achieve extraordinary successes in all areas of your life.

Bringing you regular reminders that you can achieve your dreams, we help you stay focused on the important things. We encourage personal development, living with integrity and giving back to the community. As you incorporate these values into your life, you can live with passion, compassion, and purpose.

Our e-zine is completely opt-in. We only send it to those who request it. We never send spam, nor do we sell or give your email address to others.

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I just LOVE your [e-zine]!!!!!!!!! Keep them coming!!
Kim Baird

That newsletter was the best one yet. The TV Existence is a real eye-opener. Itís a seductive mistress isnít it Ė one that will steal our opportunities for contribution and significance away. And I really liked the story of how you helped the young programmers find a meaningful connection to their work and understand that the end users had skills beyond their limited computer skills. What great lessons!

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." Herm Albright

I love that quote! Reminds me of my experience with a supervisor while on active duty in the U.S. Navy. We were were in the front office for the electronics maintenance division. He was an excitable type. I tend to be alot more mellow. A long time ago, I adopted a personal philosophy of "If it doesn't affect the sun coming up in the morning, it's not worth worrying about." Now, of course, that's a general statement, but I expressed my philosophy to my supervisor often. Most of the time it was at a time when there was really nothing to do but accept what happened and move on. Finally, at one point, he stated to me "Before I leave this place, I'm going to make you mad!" He never did.
My philosophy helps me avoid getting all twisted out of shape over things that really do not matter in the long run, or cannot be changed no matter what I do. It works for me!
Lou Canick

This weeks ezine was wonderful! I started working towards a new goal today and your ezine is the kind of encouragement I need. I always feel great after reading these on Monday morning, and my only wish is that it is a daily ezine rather than a weekly one. Keep up the good work!

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