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Find a Way

by David DeFord

Not long ago I made the mistake of leaving a tomato stake in my garden over the winter. The stake still had strings tied to it. A robin decided that the string would make a wonderful addition to her nest. She had a goal—get the string loose and carry it to her nest.

With her beak, this mother bird pulled and tugged, trying to free that string. I watched her for ten minutes working on it. I came back a few hours later and this persistent bird was still working on that string. Days later—same thing.

The robin continued pursuing her goal day after day after day. She kept trying the same failing method over and over—they don’t call them “bird brains” for nothing.

Finally, I went out and cut the string and let it lay in the garden until the robin returned to try again. She probably thought she had succeeded in her goal because of her persistence. In a way, she did.

Like this persistent mother bird, we have goals.

Like the bird, we make plans on how to achieve them.

And, like the bird, most of our initial plans do not carry us to our goals.

Even in failure, the mother bird continued her one approach. We sometimes do the same. We make a plan, and when our initial plan doesn’t work, we continue our one approach, until we give up on the goal altogether.

Those who successfully achieve their goals, in the face of failed initial attempts, assess their plans, make changes to them, and try again. They find a way.

The major key to goal achievement is not in setting easy goals; nor is it in making sure your initial plan is foolproof.

The key to goal achievement is in planning, getting started, assessing and amending your plan until you succeed.

Who knows how many gold miners in the last century quit digging just two feet from the mother lode?

Plan, implement, assess, amend the plan, and implement again.

You can achieve nearly any goal if you continue this cycle until you find a way.

You are no bird brain. You won’t need someone to “cut the string” for you to achieve your dreams.

You can find a way.


Major improvements follow minor adjustments. David DeFord

I strive to improve my writing by using active voice. I strive to improve my life in the same way. David DeFord

Life consists not of a series of circumstances but of a series of choices. David DeFord

Circumstance plays a minor role in the outcome of our lives. Our choices determine the paths we take. David DeFord

Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment. Stephen Covey

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