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It Only Takes One!

by David DeFord

At youth baseball games throughout the world, parents and coaches call out encouragement to young players. “Keep your eye on the ball!” “Look alive!” “You can do it!”

Each of these encouragements represents a potential essay. Today the one on which I would like to focus is, “It only takes one!”

In this phrase, the batter receives admonishment to not dwell on the two strikes they have on their count. It only requires one successful swing to achieve the heroic feat.

For fear of failure, some choose to come to bat in life. They choose the well-worn path that others have followed before them. Their dreams may wait for them down a different path, but they choose the path chosen for them—it’s safer.

Failure will sometimes happen. We may find ourselves with a two-strike count in life, but a new idea, a fresh approach may launch us to tremendous success.

The key is to keep swinging. If your business ideas have as yet not worked out, keep swinging. If your book hasn’t brought you the fortune you had hoped, keep writing.

You need not settle for a base on balls, relying on life to grant you a free pass. Bases on balls aren’t even counted as an at bat in baseball.

Come to the plate ready to hit. Swing at your pitch. Take the active role in seeking your dreams. Of course you will have failures—hall of fame batters failed seven out of ten tries. But they kept swinging, and hitting, and winning championships.

Consider the great Willie Mays. Just last month, Barry Bonds passed him as the third greatest homerun hitter of all time—Aaron, Ruth, Bonds, and Mays. He hit 660 homeruns in his 23 year career. He made the all-star team nineteen of those years. He is considered one of the greatest all-round baseball players ever, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility (1979).

Yet, May struck out 1526 times. When Willie struck out, he really struck out—often falling to the ground from the energy he put into his swing.

One hundred years from now, the name Willie Mays will be widely remembered and his diamond prowess respected.

I encourage you to embrace life like Willie Mays embraced his baseball career—all out. When you strike out, make adjustments and step back up to the plate.

It only takes one!

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The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything. Theodore Roosevelt

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