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Pat and Ruth Williams

Available Products

How to Be Like Women of Influence : Life Lessons from 20 of the Greatest
by Pat and Ruth Williams
What do Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Day O'Connor, Margaret Thatcher, Marie Curie and Sojourner Truth have in common? Not only are they some of the world's most influential women, their life lessons are now revealed in the latest book by Pat Williams.
Williams blends the personal accounts of each influential woman with the contemporary and historical insights of others, what emerges is an intimate portrait of each great person-her motivations, her aspirations, her personal challenges and the qualities that made her so successful at her calling. An added bonus is life lessons at the end of each chapter, which provide remarkable motivation for women who are blazing a new career trail, building a strong family or struggling to "have it all".
This exceptional book highlights a diverse group of women, from activists, businesswomen and humanitarians to athletes, explorers and scientists-it will appeal to any reader regardless of age, occupation or creative pursuits.
Profiles of women of influence include: Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Mary Kay Ash, Helen Keller, Anne Frank, Amelia Earhart and others. This is not a history book-it is a perfect blueprint for creating a successful life.

Winning with One-Liners : 3,400 Hilarious Laugh Lines to Tickle Your Funny Bone and Spice Up Your Speeches
by Pat Williams
One of the country's premier speakers provides an A-to-Z list of quick quips make presentations outstanding. "I love one-liners and I love to laugh. This book is packed with both. I loved it!" -Jeff Foxworthy, Comedian "Pat Williams is a comedy genius. Granted, he stole all this material, but the people he stole it from are very, very funny." -Dave Barry, Humor writer "For a man who never took a shot he didn't like, I just love this book! It's filled with over 3,400 'shots' and these jokes are guaranteed to score with your audience. The room will rebound with laughter." -Charles Barkley, Retired NBA great Laughter is power. Nothing livens up a presentation like well-placed jokes, which can take an audience from bored disinterest to rapt attention in seconds. In this ultimate collection of one-liners, author Pat Williams, one of the country's top motivational and inspirational speakers and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic, shares the jokes he has been using to win over audiences for over forty years. Arranged into more than 200 categories-from airlines and politics to world conditions and zoos-these 3,400 battle-tested funnies, delivered before a rich variety of audiences, will keep readers roaring. While many other joke books offer material that is either not very funny or off-color, Winning with One-Liners provides clean, wholesome entertainment for all audiences. Sometimes we all need a good laugh, and Pat Williams shows how to do it right in this indispensable book for all speakers.

The Paradox of Power: A Transforming View of Leadership
by Pat Williams
As Senior Executive Vice President of the Orlando Magic, Pat Williams is known throughout the sports world as a consummate promoter and a keen talent scout. His boundless imagination and zany antics have led his team to victory since their very first season. But Williams' leadership philosophy is untraditional, to say the least. Now, he shares that unique philosophy, which bucks conventional management wisdom and is founded instead upon the Scriptures, using Jesus Christ as a leadership model. Examining the paradoxes that made Christ an exceptional leader, he then offers fascinating and instructive examples that make those principles relevant today. Successful leadership is not a matter of simply maximizing profits, but of striving to make this world a better place, and Williams shows how the paradoxical approach is so much more powerful than traditional leadership based on common sense.

How to Be Like Mike : Life Lessons about Basketball's Best
by Pat Williams
Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. But his pre-eminence is more than just extraordinary athletic ability: the lessons of his life-such as focus, passion, hard work, perseverance and accountability-have shaped him into one of the most revered celebrities of the 20th century.
In this inspiring book Pat Williams, motivational speaker and senior vice president of the NBA's Orlando Magic, reveals Jordan's method for living a life of greatness that we can all incorporate into our lives. Fascinating anecdotes and quotes from those who know Michael best provide a glimpse into a persona as sweeping and immense as any generation has ever witnessed. Peppered with examples from Williams's life and those of other star athletes and celebrities, this uplifting book shows that we are, indeed, all capable of fulfilling our full potential. Readers from all walks of life can appreciate and aspire to living life like a champion.

Selected Quotes

"The successful woman is the average woman--focused." Ruth Williams

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