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Ordinary People Can Self Publish Big Sellers,
an e-book by David DeFord

Ordinary People Can Self-Publish and Sell Big is an absolute goldmine for those wishing to venture into the world of self publishing. The well researched, excellent presented ebook is suitable for complete beginners or those slightly more advanced who have one or two articles written to date. Having been fortunate enough to see an early edition of this ebook I refer to my copy daily before each project I consider. Thanks again David.
Trinity Tooke

Over fifty self publishers tell you how to make your mark in the publishing world.

Whether you are considering writing a print book or an e-book, you will love this e-book.

Maybe you don’t know where to start; or you know what and how to write, but need help in promoting.

You want to earn a great living with your books, but struggle with selling them.

You must follow proven methods to make a living with your writing.

In Ordinary People Can Self Publish and Sell Big, you will find sound advice from the world’s most successful self publishers.

I have just finished reading David Deford’s new e-book called "Ordinary People Can Self-Publish Big Sellers " and I fully endorse it – not for the reasons you might expect.
As a professional website copywriter I see lots of content masquerading as learning opportunities. This one is different.
It is:
• Practical
• Understated
• Complete
First, I have read most of the usual self-help books over the past few years and didn’t find them useful. Effective self-help content has to supply more than hope; it needs to provide “how.” "Ordinary People Can Self-Publish Big Sellers" combines motivation with method.
If this 350 page e—book were printed, it would drop to the table top with the credible thump of solid reading. Its 9 sections of skill-based instructions cover all aspects of self-publishing success from creation to sales and marketing.
The second reason I think you will like this e-book is the respect it shows the reader. Absent is the typical use of hyperbole found in many self-help materials. Instead of exaggerated claims, "Ordinary People Can Self-Publish Big Sellers" takes the reader step by step through the self-publishing process without the usual superlatives and promises. Check for yourself. Throughout 350 pages you will find the word “avalanche” only once and “breakthrough” just 5 times.
Here is the third, and most important reason I support "Ordinary People Can Self-Publish Big Sellers." I am not an affiliate of David’s company, but I am one of the 50 “experts” who contributed to his manual. What impressed me most was not the two articles of mine he selected for inclusion but my other articles he rejected.
He chose only articles that contributed to a coherent, structured approach to self-publishing. In "Ordinary People Can Self-Publish Big Sellers" you won’t find fluff - just a complete system of practical tools to help you self-publish with confidence.
I believe writing success is 5% muse and 95% bruise. Get a little less bruised and a lot more success with "Ordinary People Can Self-Publish Big Sellers."
Paul Matthews

When you apply the included advice from the greatest experts on the web, you will:

  • Write sales content that will persuade your audience to buy
  • Create a winning marketing strategy
  • Turn traffic into customers
  • Create your own e-books and other products
  • Sell thousands of your books
  • Learn the pro’s and con’s
  • Promote your work effectively
  • Find the best print method for your book
  • Learn how to identify great book ideas
  • Write with power
  • Edit well
  • Use the Internet for great research
  • Market with success
  • Guerilla market on a small budget
  • Use teleseminars to promote and sell
  • Effectively use and sell thousands
  • Get others to promote your book with an affiliate program
  • Use joint ventures to sell more
  • Get free publicity
It's true, we all dream about seeing our name in print and now David, you make it simpler than ever. I never thought I would see so many TOP GUN publishers, so much useful information on making money with words. You've covered all the basis - now back to reviewing your book yet again!
Jeff Smith

You’ve never seen an e-book like this one.

Read the powerful recommendations of:
  • Marilyn Ross
  • Dan Poynter
  • Stephanie Chandler
  • Shelley Lowery
  • Sue and Chuck DeFiore
  • Terry Seymour
  • Tim Spencer
  • Jim Green
  • and fifty others

Each article was specifically chosen to give you the information you need to meet every challenge in selling your books.

As you study these presentations you will be able to click on the authors’ links to obtain even more information.

The resource section will point you to additional products and services that will lift your success even higher.

You would have to buy ten books to get information this complete.

Make this the year you make your remarkable leap.

This is your opportunity to break past your current barriers and make that leap.

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