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Author of nine books, David DeFord is a popular speaker on personal development and life enrichment through volunteering. He publishes a free weekly e-zine on those same themes.
As a personal development consultant he works with organizations and individuals, helping them guide their futures to their desired success levels.
He operates two websites, OrdinaryPeopleCanWin.com, a personal development site filled with inspirational articles and quotes, and WabashTraceEnd2End.com, an Internet source for personal development books and audio programs.
David and his wife Kathy have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

David's One Sheet

David DeFord delights his audiences. Here is what some meeting planners have written:

Thank you for your excellent remarks this past weekend. They were heart-felt and very inspiring. I heard many positive comments about your insights.
Mark Applegarth, Director

To Whom It May Concern:
Recently, I had the opportunity to observe a very dynamic speaker, David DeFord, as he presented his principles of success to my sales team. His method of delivery was very enthusiastic and quite engaging. I was particularly intrigued with his ability to stimulate discussion from his audience.
David's expertise in communicating practical ideas for attaining goals helped my sales team surpass the inevitable obstacles. His message is powerful and insightful as he explores the concepts of high achievement and raising one's levels of aspiration and expectation.
The presentation was very well received and it would be my pleasure to recommend David DeFord as a guest speaker for future forums.
Todd P. Clarke, President

To Whom It May Concern,
It is my pleasure to heartily recommend Dave DeFord as a speaker. I am the president of a women’s organization. We wanted to start off the year by inviting a motivational speaker that would energize us and get us thinking about goal setting for the New Year. One of our members extended an invitation to Dave and we were all thrilled when he was able to fit us into his busy schedule.
Dave came well prepared and kept us laughing and crying and in the end feeling very motivated. We are very impressed that he tailored his message to our specific group and that made it even more special.
There are flashier public speakers out there. Dave is simple and homespun. He often spins his own experiences into the message he presents which gives him the ability to connect with people of all walks of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave DeFord to any business or group looking for a great speaker!
Brenda R. Carlos, President

Thank you so much for the fine program you presented at our 150 year handcart program. I have received several positive comments concerning your presentation and the overall technical content of the program.
Elder Whiting, Director, Mormon Trail Center

David’s ability to convey his passion to audiences occurs in the first few minutes of his presentations. His humor wins them over early. He enjoys his audiences and they know it. An effective storyteller, David’s illustrations breathe life into the principles he teaches.

  • David has spoken to hundreds of groups for over thirty years.
  • He has achieved the honor of Toastmaster Advanced Communicator.
  • As president of his Toastmaster club, David led the club to receive the highest possible club achievement award—their first time ever.
  • in 2006, David was named Club President of the Year for 71 clubs in the area
  • David helps his audiences see that they have the power to live rich and satisfying lives.

His presentations include the following subjects:

The Wabash Trace Nature Trail: Western Iowa's Rails-to-Trails Treasure – David will give your group an introduction to this 62-mile recreational trail. Whether your audience members like to hike, cycle, watch birds, hunt mushrooms, or pick wild berries the Wabash Trace Nature Trail will surprise and delight you and fill you with awe. DeFord invites his audiences to come and discover the Trace.

What if Everyone Volunteered? – David will lead the audience to a hypothetical world where everyone donated eight hours a month serving others. He discusses the impact of such a premise on education, delinquency and crime, taxes, healthcare, the arts, poverty and homelessness, and other social consequences. The audience leaves with a greater respect for those who volunteer and a stronger desire to get involved in improving the lives of others.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It… - People who feel an urgent sense of mission never settle for less than full triumph. David’s audiences come to understand that they can achieve their strongest desires if they chase their dreams with a passionate sense of mission.

Live Life in Active, Not Passive Voice – Just as a great writer tunes his prose to make it lively and exciting by infusing it with active verbs, so we can live vital and meaningful lives by taking decisive actions in the direction of our dreams.

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