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Stand a Little Taller

by David DeFord

Last week I quoted my hero Spencer W. Kimball, “Lengthen your stride and quicken your pace.”

Today I want to quote another great hero of mine, Gordon B. Hinckley. He encouraged all of us to, “Stand a little taller.”

When we stand a little taller we can see farther ahead. We can see over the heads of others.

As a child, I used to enjoy parades. I especially enjoyed the parade at our hometown fall festival.

The only problem I had was that I was too short to see over the adults in front of me. I could hear the bands, but unless I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, I couldn’t see the horses, antique cars, and beautiful floats.

As the years went by, I grew taller. And in that growth I was able to enjoy the full parade.

As we stand a little taller we rise to the challenges of life; our vision increases. Our sense of dignity improves. We focus more on our integrity. We think bigger.

When we stand taller we strive to live larger lives—ones with greater meaning and purpose. We live consistent with our values.

Gordon B. Hinckley has certainly lived such a life.

We all can.


I wish to be useful. Nathan Hale

No true victory requires the sacrifice of our values. David DeFord

I would rather be a man of conviction than a man of conformity. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No man loses credit by being true to his principles. George Q. Cannon

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. Mother Teresa

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