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Life's Switching Points

by David DeFord

Railroad locomotives follow pre-determined paths. They run over rails until they come to a switch that has been flipped by an external force. A dispatcher in a distant center initiates the proper switching that guides the train to the proper destination.

These switches move a mere few inches, yet the train’s final destination can be affected by thousands of miles.

These external switching points make all the difference in the destination of the load.

Some switching points in your life come from external sources and some come from deep within us.

Generally, internal switching points are preferable to external ones.

Some points at which you may switch directions include:
  • Job loss or missed promotion
  • Divorce or separation
  • Family death
  • Chastisement or intervention of friends, loved ones, or superiors

In the above-mentioned switching points some external event has caused you to rethink your current path and it generated a desire for a change.

Once you gain the desire, it’s up to you to change your direction.

You can also initiate a switching point yourself without an external catalyst. You may initiate a switching point when you:
  • Read a book
  • Take a course
  • Attend a seminar
  • Get away from your day-to-day to a convention or business trip
  • Witness the plight of someone close to you who is on a parallel path

By doing any of the above, you can initiate a switching point in your life. And these points cost you much less than the external initiators like job loss, divorce, or family death.

Rarely will these moments occur while you sit mesmerized in front of your big-screen TV. You receive these life-changing moments in times of action.

These internal switching points are usually triggered when you finally see the possible outcomes and feel the confidence that you can make the direction changes necessary to get where you want to go.

Jack Welch teaches, “Change before you have to.”

You can regularly put yourself in a position to have regular switching points that direct you toward your desired destination.
  • Read inspirational books
  • Go to seminars and conventions
  • Learn from the experiences of others

Keep yourself headed in the direction of your dreams.

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Major improvements follow minor adjustments. David DeFord

Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study. Francis Bacon

I strive to improve my writing by making it active. I strive to improve my life in the same way. David DeFord

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