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I Wish to Be Useful: A Guide for More Meaningful Living will give you the lift you need.

"I think most of us hope that by the end of our lives we can look back and feel that the world is a better place because of our presence and the contributions we have made. Along the way, too, we want to feel that we are making a difference to the lives of people around us. How to go about "making a difference" is the crucial question and this book provides many of the answers." Peter Shepherd, author of Transforming the Mind and owner of Tools for Transformation

We all wish to be useful. We feel much happier when we make useful contributions to our employers, to our customers, to our team members, to our families, and to our communities.

When we fix our sights on our daily tasks and lose sight of our overriding missions, we suffer and so does the quality and passion of our work.

A firefighter can see beyond the mundane tasks of maintaining equipment and find greater usefulness in remembering that with that well-maintained equipment he will save precious lives and valuable property.

A teacher enjoys feelings of greater usefulness when he sees himself preparing his students for success. A writer changes hearts; and musicians and artists lift them. A financial advisor helps her customers prepare for a secure future.

Raise your sights higher than your everyday living. Find your higher purpose. Find your best way to feel useful.

“I've only recently subscribed to your ezine, but I have to tell you that it's been one of the best choices I've made in a long time. I appreciate your choice of contributors and most especially I appreciate your straightforward, easy-to-understand format. “Kudos to you and thanks for giving me a great resource to help me win and win BIG.” Greg Lauer
 "As a parent, entrepreneur and success coach, I found this book to be motivating, empowering, and most of all: USEFUL!" -Zev Saftlas, Founder of

You’ve Never Read a Book Like I Wish to Be Useful: A Guide for More Meaningful Living.

You will:
  • Develop an effective sense of mission
  • Find your higher purpose
  • Finally believe in yourself
  • Develop the unmistakable characteristics of greatness
  • Live a more active and purposeful life
  • Learn what effect one person can have
  • Know how to make a solid difference in the world
  • Expand your freedom
  • Convert hard times into the good life
  • Get to know five excellent examples of people who live useful lives

"This was so calming. Sometimes we get too anxious about how we can really make a difference, but David's words bring peace to the heart. I love the collections of related power quotes at the ends of the chapters. His conversational style connected with me and inspired me to be better with each new idea. This is a book that can help a person make the simple, almost imperceptible adjustments in their thinking that will lead to a great and wonderful influence on the world! If YOU wish to be useful, I recommend you read David's book." Leslie Householder, author of The Jack Rabbit Factor,

Get Inspired by These Useful Examples

Learn how three young men in the slums of Newark made a pact with each other to rise above their desperate challenges and practice medicine.

Inspire yourself as you read how a Dallas pathologist, at the very point of death, determined to see his family again.

Read about the determination of a fourteen-year-old expectant mother who presses past failure after failure to live her dream as a nurse.

You can develop similar characteristics of greatness.

The seeds are in you. Activate the seeds of greatness by reading I Wish to Be Useful: A Guide for More Meaningful Living.

"I Wish to Be Useful" by David DeFord is a special and much needed message about the critical importance of purpose and contribution in creating a meaningful life. Written in a an easy-to-read package by a wise and wonderful teacher, you cannot help but be inspired, uplifted and empowered to be your best self and make a real and lasting difference in the lives of others. If your intention is to leave this planet a better place than when you first got here, then this book is a MUST READ." --Dimitri Mastrocola, Author, Coach and Founder of

What are people saying about David DeFord’s I Wish to Be Useful: A Guide for More Meaningful Living?

"David DeFord has taken an ancient injunction and made it new and compelling. He goes beyond seeing usefulness as simply utility and invests it with a spiritual dimension that can help guide people in their daily lives." Brent Filson, author of The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool.

"As a parent, entrepreneur and success coach, I found this book to be motivating, empowering, and most of all: USEFUL!" Zev Saftlas, Founder of

“Your book is exceptional. Congratulations on a phenomenal job! “You have relayed exactly what I promote, endorse and practice in my own life and what I too, hope to create for others… “Again, I would like to acknowledge you for your wonderful creation. You have made it very easy for the reader to trust and respect you by creating a compelling, honest message that they can easily relate to, with solutions and suggestions they can easily put into action.” Laurie Hayes, Where the Heart Is… Life Coaching

David DeFord has written something refreshing, compelling and wonderfully useful here. "I wish to be useful" is insightful, useful and usable which is something I have rarely found. Adam Eason, Author of Secrets of Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Power of Your Unconscious Mind.

David has truly captured the secret to a joyous, purposeful life and has revealed the steps necessary to create that life through spirited stories, insightful questions and powerful contributions from leaders of our time. Laurie Hayes, Owner/Founder - Where the Heart Is Life Coaching

David’s words come right from the heart. He reminds me that success isn’t so much about those rare big victories. It’s about the small daily ways we can step up to contribute, and how we can schedule for success each day in our agenda. Dr. Joe Bulger - Toronto, Canada

I have been getting your weekly e-zine for a few months now and I just wanted to say Thank You. The weekly email not only helps me and encourages me to do greater things but I have been sending it on to all my friends in my address book and send along a little personal note of encouragement of my own. So please continue to allow God to use you at your fullest potential because at times it might just seem like words to you but to someone who really needs it your words are a platform and catapult to untapped greatness!!! David M. Clayton

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