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Les Brown

Available Products

Live Your Dreams
Here is Les Brown's personal formula for success and happiness -- positively charged thoughts, guidance, examples, plus an Action Planner to help you focus your thoughts on specific goals...and achieve them all. The answers are all here in this astonishing book -- with one simple, powerful message: We may not always be able to control what is put in our path, but we can always control what we are...and what we will become.

Flawless! The Ten Most Common Character Flaws and What You Can Do about Them
with Louis A. Tartaglia, MD
A psychiatrist's proven program for finding happiness when the most difficult person in your life is you
In the bestselling tradition of Your Erroneous Zones, a prominent psychiatrist identifies the top ten character flaws that undermine our chances to succeed in life, including time-tested ways to overcome them.
Are you addicted to being right? Do you need to point the finger of blame toward everyone but yourself? When you get angry, does your upset quickly escalate into a state of raging indignation? Then you, like many others, are suffering from character flaws that have undoubtedly held you back in your work, relationships, and life, says Dr. Louis Tartaglia.
In Flawless!, Dr. T. identifies the ten character flaws that have cropped up most frequently in the thousands of patients he has seen in his practice over the last twenty years. In order of frequency, the ten flaws are
*Addicted to Being Right
*Raging Indignation
*Fixing Blame and Nurturing Resentments
*The Dread Seekers (Worry and Fear)
*Resisting Reality (Intolerance)
*The Poor Me or Martyr Syndrome
*Self-regard Run Riot
*The Excuse for Everything -- Inadequacy
*Fault Finders, Hypercritical Pessimists
*The Trap, Chronic Dishonesty
The good news, says Dr. T., is that character can be improved by working on the behavior that undermines it. Using case studies from his practice, colorful anecdotes, and prescriptive advice, he demonstrates how we can get unstuck and live a more peaceful, productive, and happy life.
"Character flaws are just holes in our soul," Dr. T. writes, explaining that filling in the holes is one of the most priceless exercises we have to grow.

It's Not Over Until You Win: How To Become The Person You Always Wanted To Be No Matter What The Obstacle
Les Brown is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the world today. In It's Not Over Until You Win!, Brown offers a powerful and inspirational plan to help people overcome any obstacle in their lives.
Les Brown himself has been through countless ups and downs, suffering through personal and career crises including the cancellation of his television show and the death of his beloved mother. In this unique audio program, Brown tells you how he rose from those depths and how you can, too. It's Not Over Until You Win! will demonstrate:
How to cope with the loss of a loved one
How to recover self-esteem when you lose your job
How to keep away from self-destructive behavior
Filled with the passion and exuberance that will empower you to overcome any obstacle, It's Not Over Until You Win! captures the amazing spirit of Brown's electric speaking style in a sure-fire empowerment audiobook that will galvanize anyone to take their lives to a higher level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Selected Quotes

"When you are down on your back, if you can look up, you can get up."

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